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So we’ve decided we are bloggers now.

So we’ve decided we are bloggers now.

So we’ve decided we are bloggers now.
I’ve been resisting for years, unwilling to take on a commitment to write on a regular basis, worried that our day-to-day tasks would prevent us from following through. And I don’t like to start something unless I’m confident I’ll persist. So this is me saying I’m confident we will persist.

The topic? Well, real estate of course, but more specifically, how to be an agent who focuses on success as measured by the happiness of your clients, rather than by the more conventional metrics (income, quickness to contract…etc.). Alex and I have been teaching classes and mentoring agents for a decade, and much of what we teach flies in the face of the conventional realtor dogma.

Seen Glengarry Glen Ross? Watch it. But for the love of God, don’t do what they do. One of our goals in this industry is to undo the decades of damage done by hard-sell agents. We don’t have to do it that way. We don’t sell homes to people if it isn’t in their best interest. Largely because we like being able to sleep at night. And guess what? People call us because we did right by them. It’s been very rewarding to see the lightbulb over new – and sometimes not so new – agents’ heads when they hear there is a way to find success in real estate without employing disingenuous tactics to make or preserve a sale.

Our audience? Primarily real estate agents or people who may want to get in to the business. Maybe the content will be interesting to spectators, maybe not. HGTV seems to do ok with real estate “reality” TV, so maybe folks will tune in here too.

The title? Well for now, let’s call it “Don’t be an Idiot, Be an Advocate”. This is to be a guide for agents who want what we want: a successful business built on referrals earned through education, advocacy, and negotiation. We hope to mix in some fun stories and nerdy stats…something for everyone.

If this goes the way most things do, the end result will likely look quite a bit different than we imagine it now; but that’s ok with us. Hope it’s ok with you!